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History of the sailor Suit and the entire Jack Tar Togs brand, from its birth to death to revival in 2018.

Jack Tar Togs at the Grand Rapids Public Museum

GRAND RAPIDS- Many U.S. museums hold collections of fashion items, to better illustrate not only what people wore, but how objects were actually made. One such encyclopedic collection is at the Grand Rapids Public Museum. Like the The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Michigan museum preserves a wide variety of clothing, […]

Illustrator Howard Chandler Christy and Jack Tar Togs

Through its history, the Jack Tar Togs brand has hired some of the greatest illustrators and admen of the U.S., including writer Irving S. Cobb and puppeteer and animator Tony Sarg, who popularized the inflated characters in the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, and created many of the department store’s first Christmas animated window displays. Perhaps the […]

Profile: Anni Benedikte Hansen, Denmark, Collecting Jack Tar Togs

Educating and Rediscovering an Era It has been a joy to see the posts and art of Anni Benedikte Hansen of Denmark, who is a fashion collector whose has recreated many vintage fashions. Recently, she acquired some vintage Jack Tar Togs items from sellers in the United States, and not only matched them to other […]

Vintage Jack Tar from Mendocino’s Friends of Health

Classic Jack Tar Sailor Suit

FORT BRAGG, Calif. – As we put the Jack Tar Togs brand history back together, we are grateful for samples of the original clothing. We received an inquiry about the history of the brand from Dr. Gin Kremen, DDS, a volunteer from Mendocino County’s Friends Of Hospice. Dr. Kremen contacted us whens she found a […]